Friday, August 12, 2011

Fish Park

This is a relatively new park in our town.  The local Lions club is currently adding an even larger boardwalk around the various little ponds and streams running through the park down to the larger salmon stream called "Dogfish Creek".  It's very quickly becoming my new favorite spot because it has so much to offer.  There are walking paths for dogs, the boardwalk, benches, beautiful scenery, and tons of bugs and birds and snakes and pollywogs for the kids to find.  I'm not a fan of the snakes, but at least they don't bite...  And believe it or not, this park is right in the middle of town.  Of course, it's not a large town, but it's still right in the middle of town...

 Reflections on the Pond

Lady bug, lady bug, fly away home. 

 strange roots...  maybe the tree is folding its hands...

 Silly girl

 oh little feet

And... the fish...


  1. That fish looks like something I saw in a movie that took place in a german concentration camp...I wonder if its for sale?

  2. LOL, german concentration camp? You must elaborate!

  3. Love the picture of the pond, so pretty.

  4. You know, maybe it was a nazi soldier training video and not a mistake!